Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So i was playing Mario Kart today. I had beaten most of the levels, i had finally made it to the final level and i was less than a few seconds form the finish line when one of the computer players threw a banana in my way and my vehicle was delayed: i ended up in 9th place. Angry beyond belief I decided to never eat bananas again. I thought about it and i came to the conclusion that bannans are probably not even that slippery and the whole "slip on a bananna peel" was just some big cliche. So i took a bananna and thouroughly smashed it with a spoon untill it was mush (getting out my anger on all bannans everywhere) and then i placed the peel on the kitchen floor.

I went to the other side of my kitchen and then started at a brisk walk toward the bannana. Making sure my foot was completly centered on the bannana i proceeded to put my weight on it: Before i even new what was happening i was on my butt. It hurt... alot...........................Lesson learned.

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  1. wow maddie.... wow..... i would pay good money to see u fall on a banana peel!!! jkjk i love u!!!!!!!! but i have wondered that 2....