Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nosidam(my monster name) (its my name spelled backwards) visits Goldfishland!

Once upon a time, in a little peacful valley where the goldfish dwell, a group of goldfish were merrily dwelling.
*Insert Jaws Theme Song* HERE

The Goldfish were under attack, they proceeded to scream for there lives.
The first victim, is helplessly hovering over the jaws of the deadly monstwer: NOSIDAM!!
"SAVEEEEE MEEEEE" the goldfish screamed to his true love (who was the only goldfish left alive) Nosidam spared no mercy as she happily devoured the goldfish.
Nosidam (half way through chewing) decideds she is not hungry anymore: she spits the remains of the unwanted (and dead) goldfish onto the ground.
Her true love lost: she mourns over his dead carcass. :(
Yes this IS what me and Kirsten do in our spare time. Stay tuned for episode 2!!
Photographer- Kirsten
Goldfish- Goldfishes