Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh the Joys of Music

Do you see this horn here? Well a horn identical to this one has been bought (for some unknown reason) and brought into this house hold: to RUIN MY LIFE. Some of you have met my little sister Anna? Well Anna(since she was able to talk and move around) has OBVIOUSLY dedicated most of her time to seeing how annoyed she can make me. This horn has been the product of my doom! Any time i am trying to... litsen to music, do schoolwork, SLEEP, read a book, watch T.V., ect. I have this blown over and OVER and OVER... most of the time in my ear. Well i have decided that for the betteroff of everyone(me) i should dispose of this object sent from hell. I hid it in the basement this afternoon: hoping to never see(but more importantly) hear it again. So, thinking that my problems with that horn were over, I went off to hang out and play in the snow at the Crouse house(my friends house). Once i returned home, i needed to go downstairs and toss my wet snow stuff in the dryer(which is in the basement).

****Backround Info****
I am incredibly scared of my basement when i was a little girl i went down there and my big brother scared me with his Zombie halloween mask. I have never EVER gotten over it. So wether its my mom, my dad, or my sisters I MUST have someone accompanying me whenever i go down in the basement.

The unfortunate task of chaperoning me to the basement befell upon my mother this evening and she promised to follow me down into the basement in "just a few seconds". I entered the terribly dark basement and quickly hit the lights and ran for the laundry room. Once inside the laundry room, i turned my back to the door and squatted down to throw my stuff into the dryer. And in the dead silence i wondered "where is mom?"


I screamed at the top of my lungs, tightened every bone in my body and then collapsed onto the floor(on my face no less). Looking up i see the object that i now hate more than anything else in this entire world... in the hands of my mother: LAUGHING.


I started to cry. Mom tryed to comfort me?! (the nerve of that woman) I shoved her away, and ran up the stairs. But tomorrow(because the basement isnt entirely as scary in the day then at night) I intend to take a hammer and personally destroy every inch of that abomination to this earth.

I will spare no mercy to that repugnant, revolting, and detestable horn... that i loathe.